10th Night – Her and Her Blind Love is the 10th episode in Papillon Rose R

Tsubomi and her friends go to Futanari’s club but they are told that she has had an accident and is in hospital. Tsubomi and the others buy a double headed vibrator as a present for Futanari and go to see how she is. Shizuku sees Futanari’s injury and remembers the injury Adonis got in 9th Night.

Shizuku throws quick-fire questions at Tsubomi Millionaire-style and but Tsubomi puts up a good fight and uses up her Lifelines. While Shizuku asks “Final answer?” and they are doing other pointless things Ume Chinkuji freely attacks the Kabuki Butterfly.

Petite-Rose and Lupinus fight a one-sided battle to protect the injured Adonis. Rose and the other soldiers activities somehow kill the enemy. Adonis thanks Rose but she still refuses to fight together with them. As Adonis turns to leave Tsubomi calls out “Futanari-san!”

Today's Highlight

In the scene where Tsubomi goes to an adult shop to buy lesbian sex toys lots of different kinds of sex toys make an appearance.