11th Night – Don’t Do It With Papa! is the 11th episode in Papillon Rose R

subomi has been continuing her FWB relationship with Razy. Kotsubomi is following Tsubomi around as usual and begins to suspect that Razy might be her father. By chance one day Kotsubomi and Razy end up alone together and go on a date in the park. While talking together Kotsubomi feels affection for Razy, due to her own circumstances and finding out that Razy is searching for his own missing mother. Then Razy confesses that the first girl he ever fell in love with was Tsubomi. Hearing this, Kotsubomi is certain that Razy is her father.

A woman calling herself Shiori appears in front of Kotsubomi and Razy. Razy sees Shiori’s face and flees.


Today's Highlight

Kotsubomi has realised that Razy is her father, but what is she doing with a Solingen knife in her hand? She’s supposed to have come from the future to meet her father, so why on earth is she doing this?!