12th Night – The Shocking Coming Out! is the 12th episode in Papillon Rose R

Futanari and Mitsuzuki appear in front of Tsubomi and her friends. They transform into Papillon Adonis and Papillon Lupinus in front of Tsubomi and challenge the girls to a fight. Tsubomi and her friends refuse to fight, so Adonis explains to them about the horrific plans of the Gel Dynasty.

The leader of the Gel Dynasty, Chlamydia is apparently trying to completely control all sexual desire by eradicating every single woman in the sex industry. Also, Chlamydia does not have a physical body and in order to get one, she is aiming for the Flower Orb that Kotsubomi holds, the Rosetta Pearl.

At that time, Shiori appears before Kotsubomi again and tells her that she is Razy’s mother. Kotsubomi goes to search for Razy so he and Shiori can meet again but Ume Chinkuji appears before her!

Today's Highlight

The duel between the fellow Papillon Soldiers was supposed to be a mud wrestling match that was made up of three parts 30 minutes long, but due to time restraints it was televised in an abridged version. Now don’t you go forgetting the fan-service scene where they get their clothes ripped off!