13th Night – Tragedy! The Doomed Little Girl is the 13th episode in Papillon Rose R

Shiorinite has found out that Petite Rose’s true identity is Kotsubomi. In order to get her hands on the Rosetta Pearl, she once again approaches Kotsubomi as Razy’s mother. Tsubomi and her friends hear about Kotsubomi’s crisis from Razy so they hide Kotsubomi at the Pony Hill Kindergarten. But Kotsubomi really wants to reunite Razy with his mother so she sneaks out of the kindergarten and goes to see him. But Razy warns her, “That woman isn’t my mother. Don’t go see her again.”

However Kotsubomi still meets Shiori again and tells her about how stubborn Razy is, but just then Adonis and Lupinus appear before her. They reveal that Shiori is really one of the leaders of the Gel Dynasty, Shiorinite!

Having had her true identity revealed, Shiori grabs Kotsubomi and…

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Kotsubomi has been kidnapped by Shiorinite! Her body is stolen by the leader of the Gel Dynasty, Chlamydia!