14th Night – Chlamydia Who Came From The Darkness is the 14th episode in Papillon Rose R

Tsubomi and her friends search for Kotsubomi but they have no idea where she is. At that time the Gel Dynasty’s aggressive attack on the Kabuki Butterfly is steadily continuing. Chlamydia has taken over Kotsubomi’s body, and she welcomes a new awakening of taking the bodies of real women.

Chlamydia appears before the Papillon Soldiers and her powers are beyond belief. For some reason Adonis and Lupinus prevent Rose and her friends from attacking. Adonis and Lupinus let them know that Chlamydia’s full and mature body is in fact Kotsubomi’s body. However, Tsubomi had not thought of Kotsubomi as her own daughter.

She loudly declares that they have no choice but to sacrifice Kotsubomi in order to save the Kabuki Butterfly!

Today's Highlight Kotsubomi has been reborn as the voluptuous bodied Chlamydia. This bondage outfit wearing lady who has received great praise from the masochistic gentlemen throughout the country is a must see!