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01st Night - Tsubomi's Dream Opens the Night is the first episode of the Papillon Rose ONA series.

Summary Edit

Tsubomi, a high school student working part time at a lingerie pub, spends the night with Hikaru, a man she met on the street. At work the next day, Tsubomi suddenly picks up a black cat. The black cat tells Tsubomi that her name is Rama and that she is searching for the Papillon Soldiers.

At that moment, the sexy pub “Koneko Clubhouse” is attacked by Sister Biene. When Tsubomi is captured by Biene, her Secret Shrine begins to glow...

Tsubomi of course turns out to be Papillon Rose, one of the soldiers Rama had been searching for.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode, together with the next episode and a manga chapter served as base for the later produced OVA episode.