22nd Night – His True Identity is Revealed Once More! Resolution Draws Near is the 22nd episode in Papillon Rose R

Rose is struggling against Hikarinite’s vicious attack, but Dandy saves her. Dandy thrusts Rose’s stained panties at Hikarinite. Hikarinite’s spirit is weakened by the smell of the stains. As well as that he thrusts a letter written to “Father” at her and orders her to stop.

Hikarinite reports to Chlamydia that this letter in fact belongs to Razy’s mother. Chlamydia becomes absolutely furious, as she realises that Dandy’s true identity is Razy and that once again he is aiming to assassinate her using the virus.

Razy teams up with Rose and the others to face the battle to destroy his own mother.

Today's Highlight

Finally, the story too reaches climax as the Papillon Soldiers face the final, decisive battle. Taking advantage again of the controversial joke about stained panties, used high school girl panties have become extremely popular.