23rd Night – A Love that Transcends Gender is the 23rd episode in papillon rose R

Chlamydia is fed up. She takes the dead remains of Shiorinite and Hikarinite and quickly fries then in oil, prepares them by flavouring them with salt, pepper,mirin and two teaspoons of awamori


, and eats them with a side of Mojioroshi. And at that point, the two new opponents, the Memorinite Sisters are born!!

Smooth and slender after plastic surgery, the Memorinite Sisters, who were reborn with beautiful female genitalia, attack the Papillon Soldiers! In order to protect Rose, Adonis and Lupinus are infected with the virus! On the verge of death, the image of these two women who love each other really is a symbol of love that transcends gender!

However, the Papillon Soldiers shout, “Ew! Unclean, unclean!” and quickly abandon the pair. And finally they struggle along to reach Chlamydia’s lair, it seems as if the final battle is about to begin.

Today's Highlight

As you’d expect, just as if was rumoured amongst fans who thought the “Shiorinite - Hikarinite” joke was rather awesome, a certain game company accused us of breeching copyright laws. Originally, it seems it was planned that there would be three sisters, the youngest would have been called Yukkonite.