2nd Night – That Girl’s Another Tsubomi is the second episode of the Papillon Rose R series


spends a night in a cheap Love Hotel with Razy. Tsubomi notices as a little girl suddenly crawls onto the bed and shoots her with a stun gun. The child smiles at the furious Tsubomi and informs her, “My name’s Tsubomi, you know.”

Later, Tsubomi finds the same girl waiting outside her workplace. The girl reveals that she in fact Tsubomi’s daughter. She says that she’s come from the future and that “Thanks to you sleeping around with loads of guys, I have no idea who my father is. I’m gonna find out who he is myself.” Tsubomi thinks the girl is nuts and drags her to a mental hospital.

At that moment, Dajiko attacks the Kabuki Butterfly again! Tsubomi leaves the mental hospital and is caught up in the battle. She ends up in trouble just like before, but who are these two shadowy soldiers?

Today's Highlight

Three new characters appear today! Kotsubomi, and the silhouettes of the two mysterious Papillon Soldiers. It seems they are going to be involved deeply with the developments from here on out.

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