4th Night – The Girl Who’s Fingers Lure You In is 4th episode in the Papillon Rose R.

Cases of SM Queens disappearing have been occurring one after another. Shizuku uses some bogus FBI psychic investigation and some dodgy psychometrics to reveal that the culprit is a short transvestite in her teens working on the inside. Tsubomi is also carrying out measures to strike while the iron is hot and understand the culprit’s motivations as well as find the next woman in her late teens who is the likely next target.

At that time, the information bureau is holding a meet and greet with a charismatic Queen who teases her clients without using sex toys, only her fingertips. Tsubomi, Anne and Shizuku go to meet her and they meet the charismatic Queen, Ushio. Just as they are trying to analyse her, Dajiko appears and attacks Ushio, the next target! Just as Tsubomi and the others are about to transform, Ushio’s chest starts to suddenly glow. Ushio is Papillon Dalia, the soldier who holds the Winter Flower Orb!

Today's Highlight

Finally Papillon Dalia makes her first appearance. The Heaven’s Finger attack that Dalia fires along with Rose’s power finally kills Dajiko!