8th Night – Searching For A Strong Symbol is the 8th episode in Papillon Rose R

Tsubomi, ever the sexual trailblazer, suffers an honourable defeat in her attempts to pick up a handsome young man called Futanari. Tsubomi wants to get her hands on Futanari no matter what so she finds out where “he” works. Anne, Shizuku and Ushio are invited to the club where Futanari works by Tsubomi and are shocked to find out that it’s a lesbian bar! There they meet an enigmatic, beautiful lady by the name of Mitsuzuki and become friends with her. Apparently, Futanari is saving up money to go towards a sex change operation…

At that time, the regular hosts at the club where Futanari works fall ill one after another. Futanari and Mitsuzuki think this is suspicious and work out who is making the club and its’ Miss Dandies suffer. However, Futanari, Tsubomi and the others are caught in Chūn Lin’s trap and are trapped in the club. Tsubomi has no choice but to transform into Papillon Rose in front of Futanari and Mitsuzuki

Today's Highlight

Adonis’ and Lupinus’ transformation scenes make their first appearance. The sight of the masculine Futanari transforming into a beautiful lady is very erotic and has become famous even amongst enthusiasts.