Chapter 02 – Mysterious Filipina Peddler is the second part of the Papillon Rose G movie

In front on the Kabuki Butterfly’s Lingerie Shop and looking like a bunch of pimps stood Shizuku-chan, Anne-chan and Ushio-chan, as they had promised to meet up with Tsubomi-chan. Ushio-chan, irritated with Tsubomi as she was late and still hadn’t showed up, threatened, “That bitch, today I’ll beat her until she’s leaking out of all three orifices!”

A little girl holding out some weird-looking food stood in front of Ushio-chan, who had by now got all her hysteria out of her system.

“These are a delicacy from Hokkaido! ” said the girl.

The girl holding the strange delicacies looked like she was from somewhere in South-East Asia. Suddenly Shizuku-chan and the others were lost for words. Anne-chan, who had had experience with partners who aren’t Japanese, exclaimed without thinking, “Do – We – Know – You!!” causing the surprised little girl to burst into tears.

“My boss… if I don’t sell, he’ll… Rubi… accused of 48 murders…” she sobbed.

Shizuku-chan, ever with terrible self-confidence, didn’t understand what the little girl meant, but she comforted her all the same.

Thinking that they could get rid of the persistent little girl if they gave her their spare change, reluctantly the three of them decide to each buy one of the strange delicacies.