Chapter 03 – Mysterious Gorgeous Brother and Sister is the third part of the Papillon Rose G movie

An angry looking woman wearing gaudy jewellery stood atop an earthen pipe in the vacant lot of the New Kabuki Butterfly. The crazed woman screamed “Ombroso!” and a similarly dressed man with a stunned expression on his face appeared before her.

“How is the plan going? Hydrus,” the crazed woman asked, while munching on some delicacies.

“Like this, perhaps?” said the man, his expression turning more into a smile.

“Don’t make a vulgar face at me!” snapped the woman, knocking the man down.

“You’re so mean, Sis!” he whined, just like Katsuo-kun.

“Understand? My name is Hydra-sama!!” said the crazed woman, throwing a mysterious small bag containing the delicacies to her younger brother and underling, Hydrus. Just then, a South-East Asian-looking girl joined them.

“Boss, here, it’s today’s “harvest (kariage),” the girl said, handing over some coins and several bank notes to Hydrus.

“That’s profits (uriage), not harvest (kariage), right, Rubi?” said Hydrus kindly, giving the new bag containing the delicacies to the girl, Rubi.

“Yet, enough to go back to the Philippines, for the plane fare, have I earned enough?”

“Airfare to the Philippines? …Ha, not enough yet! Quickly carry out the next part of the plan!” said Hydra coldly to Rubi.

Suddenly Rubi clutched her chest and crumpled to the floor.

“What’s wrong? Rubi!!” gasped Hydrus, rushing over to her side.

Rubi pushed Hydrus away and said with a downhearted smile, “I’m, fine… Thank you… Boss,” and went once more back to peddling.

“Hmph! Don’t you worry about that little brat, instead help make more of these pig ears infected with the special virus that I, Hydra-sama, created! Once they eat one of these every Earthling will become sexually impotent! They won’t be able to reproduce and prosper any more! This planet will then belong to us, the Black Snake Clan! Ombroso! Bwahahahahahaaaa!!”

These two suspicious people were castaways from space who planned to suppress Earth sexuality. As they wanted to prevent the people of Earth from breeding and bring about their downfall, they are a pair of horrible people trying to make the Earth into their own planet! And those delicacies are not from Hokkaido at all, they are instead a delicacy from Okinawa, made from pigs’ ears called “Mimigaa.”