Chapter 04 – Mysterious Black Papillons is the 4th part of the Papillon Rose G movie

“Waaaa, I’m late, I late!” wailed Tsubomi-chan as usual, looking like an absolute idiot as she ran. She finally got to where Shizuku-chan and the others were waiting and she noticed that the three of them were eating something. Being a silly girl who gets annoyed when people have things when she doesn’t, Tsubomi-chan suddenly recognised the delicacies the girls had and stretched out her hand to take one.

“My boss’, these delicacies, would you like one?” said Rubi, the girl who had sold the three girlsthe delicacies. However Tsubomi-chan, scatterbrained as ever, had forgotten her wallet. Once again she was laughed at by everyone. To make matters worse she was even laughed at by a puppy.

That day the weather was lovely. However, looking carefully around 69% of the people in the Kabuki Butterfly were in pain. “This… why on earth is this happening!?” cried Tsubomi-chan, surprised.

It was time! Tsubomi-chan’s breasts were groped from behind by an unusually pale guy. That guy was squeezing Tsubomi-chan’s breasts with a strange expression on his face while moaning in weird voice. “Iyyaaaaaa!” screamed Tsubomi-chan vulgarly, kicking the guy in the crotch as hard as she could and getting free. And Tsubomi-chan and her friends, sensing this for them normal bad situation, transformed into Papillon Soldiers!

“Rose Orgasm Power, Erection!!”

Without delay, Papillon Rose fought the pale men! Rose beat them immediately with her special attack.

“Rose Honey Love Enemagra!!”

Rose thought the problem had been solved once and for all, but the pale men started to multiply one after another! Following Rose, Margarette, Lily and Dalia all used their special attacks.

However, all of a sudden Margarette, Lily and Dalia doubled over in pain. The flower orbs contained in the three girls’ Secret Shrines glowed with an eerie, dark light and reacted. And after emitting a light so bright it would blind you, standing there were Margarette, Lily and Dalia, with villainous expressions on their faces and looking thoroughly evil.

The three introduced themselves as the Black Papillons and attacked, aiming for Rose’s butt!! What on earth is going to happen to Papillon Rose!?