Chapter 09 – Mysterious Final Battle is the nineth part of the Papillon Rose G movie


Kabuki Butterfly was bathed in the white light from Cosmos’ special attack. In the blink of an eye a dark shadow expanded, swallowing up the pale men one by one and wiping them out. The shadow continued to spread so that it completely enveloped the New Kabuki Butterfly.

“You, Filipina, that’s enough!”shouted Rose, but as the dark shadow was that much more noisy Cosmos didn’t hear her.

Hydra-sama tried to frantically escape from the shadow. However the furious Cosmos was blocking her way. Thinking that at this rate she’ll be injured, Hydra-sama took over control of Cosmos’ body as a parasite.

Having taken control of Cosmos’ body, Hydra-sama uses Cosmos’ powers from before and she haphazardly fired more dark shadows, indiscriminately destroying people!

“The only one who can stand up to this power is Papillon Flora!” said Petite-Rose.

Rose hated Petite-Rose for saying this, but she was held down and the power of everyone’s Flower Orbs was forced into Rose’s Secret Shrine. Rose unwillingly accepts everyone’s power and transforms into Flora. And so she fires a rainbow light attack at Cosmos in an attempt to purify the ever increasing shadow.

However, Cosmos, now holding the combined powers of Cosmos and Hydra-sama’s Black Snake powers, was unstoppable!

Petite-Rose, using her cunning, cries out, “Rubi! You won’t be able to go back to the Philippines like this! Everyone’s waiting for you there!” in an attempt to make Cosmos remember her homeland and her big family.

“Rubi, wants to go back, back to the Philippines!”

Rubi’s consciousness within Cosmos resisted due to her feelings of homesickness. At that moment, all of a sudden Cosmos gasped, “Gah!” and coughed up blood, falling to the ground. Rubi’s body was being devoured by the virus that was inside the delicacies that Hydra-sama had been peddling.

Hydra and Rubi’s consciousnesses battle it out inside Cosmos, but the earth had already been covered by the dark shadow.

Rubi cried out, “My body, it’s already dead…”

“No… You can’t give in, Cosmos!” said Rose.

From inside Cosmos, Rubi struggled to say while vomiting up blood, “Flora! Please, save me, there must be something, you can do!”

Rose finally was prepared to take a stand for humanity.

“Alright! I’m definitely going to save you!”

“Everyone, please! Lend me more of your power!” Flora pestered the other soldiers, like a dog on heat.

Flora accepted everyone’s power and attacked Cosmos with one strike using all of her strength. And with and incredible amount of power everything above ground vanished into white light…