Chapter 10 – Mysterious Epilogue is the tenth and final part of the Papillon Rose G movie

When Tsubomi-chan regained consciousness, she was floating naked amongst the stars. If honest, Tsubomi-chan had always been a bit interested in being an exhibitionist, so she was just a bit turned on by this. She looked around and saw that Shizuku-chan, Anne-chan, Ushio-chan, and even Kotsubomi, Futanari-san and Mitsuzuki-san as well were swimming about happily naked in the ocean of space.

All of a sudden, Rubi appeared in front of everyone.

“Papillons, everyone, thank you,” she said. “I, can make all of you, be reborn again, it’s okay.”

“Eh? Isn’t your vagina still a bit too narrow to do that, Rubi?” asked Tsubomi-chan, getting the wrong end of the stick.

Rubi smiled mysteriously. The souls of the Papillon Soldiers drifting about in space rushed off in search of new bodies.

Before Tsubomi-chan had realised it she had been wrapped in a ball of light, and she found herself back at the New Kabuki Butterfly. Tsubomi-chan came out of the light and bumped into a certain man.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, you idiot!” snapped Tsubobmi-chan.

“Oi Oi, you came outta nowhere…” replied the man, Hikaru Shishiō.

Coming to her senses, Tsubomi-chan remembered that she was still naked. All of a sudden, a group of Policemen surrounded Tsubomi-chan and her friends and informed them, “Oi, you guys, we’re arresting you for public indecency!”

“No~ way! You perverts!” screamed Tsubomi-chan, running away.

“I’ve had enough of this, too! I’m sorry!” said Kotsubomi, running away too. Everyone was chased right through the town, completely starkers.

Tsubomi-chan wailed, “We’ve just saved the world, you know! Waaah, how did it end up like this?!”

Wherever there is life, these girls, the Papillon Soldiers will have something to protect. That is because what they do is the basic act of creating new life.

The End