Lilya Dynamite Cypress was Papillon Lily's attack in the ONA concepts and the New Season TV series.


The ONA concept attack was never animated.

In the New Season TV series, Papillon Lily would cross her arms with her palms wide open and a blue butterfly would appear. She would then chant to the hybrid monster, causing it to calmly separate into its parts.

In the mega hybrid monster of the sixth episode, a similar process happened, with the difference that Papillon Lily sent a lily mark in the hibrid monster.


  • The recovery capability of this attack in the TV series is in question, as it was never used outside of a group attack. It can be assumed that it was weaker than Rose Pinklish Dynamic, or even as strong, as in both cases, the hybrids were more powerful and complex than the ones recovered using the latter.
  • While the ONA concept was never animated, the ONA promotion videos showed an animation that might have been this attack. The animation was traced digitally from the Sailor Moon S opening sequence.