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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose Original Video Animation refers to the one episode anime that was released in April 2003 and produced by ECHIGOYA and Pink Company.


The supreme technician knowing all the sexual techniques in the world, Regina Apis, has formed the Dinasty and started the invasion of the Kabuki Butterfly district to dominate the world's ecstacy.

Tsubomi (stripper name) is a normal high school bimbo repeating her senior year at st. Christoly girls academy and works part time at the lingerie pub "Papillon". One normal day, she spends the night with the industry's number one host, Hikaru Shishio, who plants his seed on her secret shrine.

At that time, one of the Dinasty's heavenly queens, Sister Biene starts her invasion to the Kabuki Butterfly district. Guided by the mysterious cat Rama, Tsubomi has to activate her flower orb sleeping within her secret shrine and transform into Papillon Rose, but...

Will the anime industry's most idiotic heroine succeed in protecting the sexual paradise?

Dressed in the lingerie of immorality, a crimson butterfly fluttering in the night! Papillon Rose!

The obscene fight to protect the sexual market now begins!


  • Tsubomi / Papillon Rose: Shiho Kikuchi
  • Anne: Sachiko Kojima
  • Regina Apis: Yuki Matsuda
  • Shishio Hikaru / Dandy Lion: Takehito Koyasu
  • Master: Masashi Yabe
  • Sister Biene: Shahana Kinoshita
  • Sister Pchela: Yui Sakakibara
  • Rama: Asae Sakuragawa
  • Mein Liebe (Kreuz) : Hiroyasu Dan'no

Changes from the previous concepts Edit

  • Instead of being a crybaby like in the ONA, Tsubomi is more devious and horny.
  • The Papillon Soldiers' character designs were changed to the "R" versions.
  • Sister Biene attacks the boss of the pub Papillon instead of attacking Koneko Clubhouse.
  • Ranma is a siamese cat instead of a black cat, although she still has a pink butterfly on her forehead and a condom on her tail.
  • In the OVA, when Tsubomi is about to transform, she shouts Rose Orgasm Power! Erection! while in the ONA, she shouts Rose Orgasm Power! Make Up!
  • The OVA was made with cel animations and had a professional voice cast while the ONA was made out of scenes that were traced from other animes and had a amateur voice cast.
  • Meine Liebe are a group of four sex servants to Regina Apis instead of one very powerful and sadistic baron (like in the manga version).