Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose (ONA), Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose (Web Version) or simply Papillon Rose refers to the original incarnation of the Papillon Rose series. The ONA was planned to be publicly released in February 2000 but for unknown reasons didn't materialise.


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In the sex industry, an organisation by the name of "Dinasty" led by Regina Apis is trying to dominate over the world's exstacy, vandalising the sex industry...
My name is Tsubomi (proffessional name), I'm a 18 year old schoolgirl attending Saint Christoly Girls academy. I repeat my final school year... And at night I work on the lingerie pub "Papillon".
One casual day, I spent a night with Hikaru Shishio, the industry's number one host, and overnight, he planted his seed in my secret shrine.
Guided by Rama, the black cat, the seeds soon started blooming and my Papillon powers were awakened, making me able to transform into Papillon Rose and attacks the enemies.
Aided by the mysterious gent Dandy Lion and accompanied by Papillon Lily, Papillon Margarette and the legendary soldier Papillon Violet, the battle for the search of Queen Flora begins.

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Opening theme: Rosetta Edit

Ending theme 1: Everlasting Love (nights 1-16) Edit

Ending theme 2: Memories (nights 17-25) Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When people first found the 30 second promo for the ONA, many accused the creators that they took the original animations from Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena and traced them and presented them as their own work, there was even a site that said that Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and Be-Papas saw the promo and they reacted to it negatively, although no sources were shown. Had the original creators seen the website, they would probably get the joke of the concept as the website specified that the anime presented was not an original animation but a parody.
  • The song used in the 30 second promo is Everlasting Love, which is listed as the ending theme in the original website. The extended promo uses the song "Rosseta", which is listed as the opening theme. Both songs were performed by the singer trio "Bouquet du Rose".
  • The promotion videos include numerous parodies and references to the anime that are parodied.