"Is Akiba Blooming?!"10th Night – Her and Her Blind Love10th Night – Maidens Like It Hard
11th Night – Don’t Do It With Papa!11th Night – The Sleeping Queen, Her Name is Flora12th Night – A Stalemate! The Three Soldiers Faint in Agony!
12th Night – The Shocking Coming Out!13th Night – The Bewitchingly Beautiful Soldiers, the Gathering Papillons!13th Night – Tragedy! The Doomed Little Girl
14th Night – Chlamydia Who Came From The Darkness14th Night – The Word of Love is Jealousy15th Night – A True Account! The Girls Within The Thorns
15th Night – Our Hearts are One! The Hidden Holy Flower Orb16th Night - The Son of the Golden Orb-Web Spider16th Night – Ding Dong! The Beautiful Papillons
17th Night – The Admired Unfaithful Heroine17th Night – The Approaching Assassin! Countdown to Death18th Night – The Little Girl Who Bears the Cross of Death
18th Night – The Rebel Soldier! Dynasty’s Secret19th Night – Teach Us, Master Satisfaction19th Night – The End of Promises! The Final Destination G Point
1st Night - Tsubomi's Dream Opens the Night1st Night – The Battle Panties wearing Gal and the STD20th Night – The Dark Focus tears apart the Neon
20th Night – Tsubomi is confused?! The True Face of Dandy21st Night – The Enraged Son! Also, an Uprising21st Night – Violet Falls Into Darkness
22nd Night – His True Identity is Revealed Once More! Resolution Draws Near22nd Night – The Dark Battle! Shizuku’s Finest Hour23rd Night – A Love that Transcends Gender
23rd Night – Soldiers! You Will Fall Here!24th Night – Ooooh! The Queen Descends24th Night – The Legend Reappears! Flora Descends
25th Night – Love Saves Us from Shame!25th Night – The Beast That Demanded What in the Heart of the World2nd Night – A Stinger has a Dangerous Scent
2nd Night – That Girl’s Another Tsubomi3rd Night – Margarette’s Second Awakening3rd Night – The Sexy Pub’s Sweet Trap
4th Night – Marguerite’s Awakening4th Night – The Girl Who’s Fingers Lure You In5th Night – Bouncy-chan’s Agonising Days
5th Night – Shizuku-chan’s Sensual Advice6th Night – Do You Like Second-Hand Underwear?6th Night – The Determined Lost Virgin?
7th Night – Big Trouble! A Fake Rose!7th Night – Treacherous New Faces8th Night – Searching For A Strong Symbol
8th Night – Sexy Typhoon Landing9 th Night – The Animal-like Woman9th Night – A Whirlpool of Lust! Regina’s Evil Smile
Bouquet du RoseChapter 01 – Mysterious PrologueChapter 02 – Mysterious Filipina Peddler
Chapter 03 – Mysterious Gorgeous Brother and SisterChapter 04 – Mysterious Black PapillonsChapter 05 – Mysterious Wandering Man
Chapter 06 – Mysterious Susukino SoldiersChapter 07 – Mysterious Nose HookChapter 08 – Mysterious Soldier Cosmos
Chapter 09 – Mysterious Final BattleChapter 10 – Mysterious EpilogueCredits
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