Master is the owner of the lingerie pub "Papillon" in the Kabuki Butterfly district, where Tsubomi, Anne and Shizuku are working part-time. His real name is unknown, so everyone calls him "Master".

Manga Edit

Not much is known about Master in the manga concept, aside from the fact that he is targeted by Sister Biene in the fourth chapter.

OVA Edit

Master works at the Lingerie Pub where Tsubomi works at as the owner or boss of the "Papillon" pub. He is stressed out and works hard every night. He's blackmailed by Tsubomi for his relationship with Anne. Later, Sister Biene captures him and sucks his sexual energy.

R season Edit

In the end of the R season, it is revealed that Tsubomi secretly had sex with Master, implying that he is Kotsubomi's father. This makes Anne very furious and results in a catfight between her and Tsubomi, with the Susukino Faction senshi leaving for the future is utter disgust.

New Season Edit

Master is now in Akihabara, running a maid café and spa, called New Papillon. He first appears in episode 1, shooing Ranma out of the café entrance. He is depicted as a calm and polite man with a soft spot for cute animals.

Rebuild Series Edit

With Papillon Violet being "Papillon"'s manager, Master is absent from the rebuild series.