Papillon Lily was the third Papillon senshi to be awakened by Rama and Hikaru Shishio in the original concept series.

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Manga conceptEdit

Papillon Lily was awakened off screen before the third chapter under unknown circumstances. She was the second papillon soldier to awaken in this incarnation of the series.

ONA conceptEdit

Papillon Lily was awakened in the 8th night by Rama and saved Papillon Rose from Sister Pchela's attack. On the forteen night, it was revealed that Hikaru Shizhio awakened her powers 

R season conceptEdit

Papillon Lily fought during the first night against the group of villainous transvestites but her powers had no effect against them. She became jealous when she was the only soldier whom her powers weren't reawakened and started having sex with random men with no results. Her powers were finally awakened after a fantasy under Razy Minowa's arousing drug.

G movie conceptEdit

Anne tried to communicate in english with Rubi after discovering she is not from Japan, ending up in Rubi crying. After eating the delicacies Rubi was selling, she was influenced by Hydra's Virus, turning into Black Papillon Lily and attacked Papillon Rose against her will. She was cured by the influence after receiving the ultimate humiliation and joined the fight against Hydra.


Papillon Lily didn't make an appearance in the Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose OVA, appearing only on her civilian identity as a hostess. As Papillon Lily, she was only featured in the opening and ending sequences, as well as some promotional material.

New SeasonEdit

Papillon Lily appeared as a part of the protagonist trio in the New Season TV series together with Papillon Margarette and Papillon Rose. 



  • Lily Orgasm Power, Make up
  • Lily Orgasm Power, Erection
  • Lily Papillon Power, Erection (New season)



  • (Numerous weapons)


  • Papillon Lily is a parody to numerous magical girl protagonists, holding the traits of the beautiful character. These characters include Minako Aino from Sailor Moon, to which the concept is closest to. Her appearance is a parody to Yuri Tanima from Wedding Peach.
  • Most of her attacks in the New Season series as well as her first ONA concept attack are related to explosives. This is a reference to her special trait included in her original profile; that she has the number one dynamite body of all the papillon sodliers.