Papillon Lupinus is a member of the Susukino Faction senshi.

Profile Edit

A Papillon Soldier from the Susukino Faction. Sometime ago, she was the commanding daughter of a rich family, but since her father went bankrupt she is working as a strip artist. She is in a lesbian relationship with Papillon Adonis.

Powers Edit

  • Lupinus Orgasm Power, Erection
  • Summon beast; Silver Fenris

Trivia Edit

  • Papillon Lupinus, together with Papillon Adonis, is a parody to the typical yuri subtext in some magical girl series.Her concept seems to parody Michiru, also known as Sailor Neptune.
  • The R season story digest mentions that her beast summoning powers make her the strongest Papillon senshi, possibly second to Papillon Flora.