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Papillon Margarette was the second Papillon senshi to be awakened by Rama and Hikaru Shishio in the original concept series.


In the original concept, Papillon Margarette is described as having the personality of a serious and honorable student. 


Manga concept

Papillon Margarette was awakened in the sixth chapter to aid Papillon Rose and Papillon Lily in fighting Sister Biene and Sister Pchela.

ONA conceptEdit

Papillon Margarette was awakened during the fourth night. In the forteen night, it was revealed that Hikaru Shishio awakened her powers. 

R season conceptEdit

Papillon Margarette fought during the first night against the group of villainous transvestites but her powers had no effect against them. Her new powers were awakened after a fantasy under Razy Minowa's arousing drug.

G movie conceptEdit

After eating the delicacies Rubi was selling, she was influenced by Hydra's Virus, turning into Black Papillon Margarette and attacked Papillon Rose against her will. She was cured by the influence after receiving the ultimate humiliation and joined the fight against Hydra.


Papillon Margarette was planned to appear in the OVA in her civilian idenity as a hostess in the Papillon pub but her scene wasn't used. She was only featured in the opening and ending sequences, as well as some promotional material featuring the unused scene. 

New Season Edit

Papillon Margarette appeared as a part of the protagonist trio in the New Season TV series together with Papillon Lily and Papillon Rose.   



  • Margarette Orgasm Power, Make up
  • Margarette Orgasm Power, Erection
  • Margarette Papillon Power, Erection (New season)


  • Margarette Guarana Fantasy
  • Margarette Magic Mushroom
  • Spirit's Insert


  • Rope


  • Papillon Margarette is a parody to numerous magical girl protagonists, holding the traits of the team's brains. These characters include Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon , to which the concept is closest to. Her appearance is a parody to Hinagiku Tamano from Wedding Peach.
  • She is described as a closet pervert who enjoys masturbating.
  • In the Original concept, her senshi name was romanised as "Marquerite". From the Papillon Rose R animation archives onwards, her kana was changed to approximate the word "Margarette". As of the rebuilt series, her romanisation is "Margaret".
  • She is the only moral member of the Papillon Soldiers.
  • She enjoys reading SM novels.