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Papillon Rose: New Season or the full title, Papillon Rose: The New Season, refers to the 2006 six episode anime series produced by Studio Klemadick.


The main story takes place one year after the OVA. The Papillon Soldiers are worn out on the ground while Regina Apis smirks at her success. But Rose takes everyone's hands and powers up to Flora. Regina Apis shoots, but she fails, Flora goes to Regina Apis and defeats her, ending with Ranma calling out her name. Now one year has passed and the girls have lost their memories and a new villian group called the Susanoo sisters, want to invade earth and make it their own land. Soon after, Papillon Rose reawakens, remembering her memories thanks to Rama because she licks her crotch so that she has an orgasm so she can remember everything. Now she has to go reawaken the other soldiers and defeat the Susanoo sisters.


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Changes from the OVA Edit

The objectionable content in Papillon Rose:New Season is hugely toned down from the OVA, due to the fact that it was airing on TV and possibly also because of the failure of the OVA but still provides fanservice and some obscenity. Some of the changes are:

  • The word Orgasm is replaced with Papillon but the word Erection still remains.(Example: Rose Papillon Power! Erection!)
  • Rose couldn't use her pinky vibrator anymore due to the fact that a TV series cannot use obscene words.
  • Master is no longer in an adult relationship with Anne and instead comes up with great ideas.
  • Papillon is no longer a lingerie pub and is now a maid cafe and spa, and has a new title called New Papillon.
  • The uniforms have changed, the female employees now wear maid uniforms instead of lingerie.
  • The series now takes place in Akihabara.
  • Ranma the cat no longer wears a condom on her tail but now wears a ribbon.
  • Tsubomi's personality has changed. She is now sweet, kind, and caring while in the OVA she was naughty and horny.

Trivia Edit

  • This season is suprisingly similar to Sailor Moon R. Specifically the Makajiu Arc
  • The Susanoo Sister's names, Ran, Sue, and Miki are possibly named after Amu's guardian character's in Shugo Chara!.
  • In episode 1, you can see two girls dressed in costumes very similar Cure Black and Cure White of Pretty Cure. At the time New Season was produced, Pretty Cure was very popular.
  • If you look closely in the New Season Ending, you can see 3 girls cosplaying as Papillon Rose, Papillon Marquette, and Papillon Lilly.