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Papillon Violet was the fourth Papillon senshi to be revealed in the original concept series.


In the original concept, she is described as a "Big sis" type character for the Papillon senshi.


Manga Concept Edit

Papillon Violet was revealed in the fifteenth chapter to aid the Papillon senshi in their fight with Sister Biene, Sister Melitta and Sister Pchela. On the next chapters, she revealed to them that love confessions play a major factor in their strength, thus advices Tsubomi, Anne and Shizuku to confess to their loved ones. In the nineteenth chapter, while fighting Regina Apis she is captured by Miene Liebe, rendering her useless.

ONA Concept Edit

Papillon Violet was revealed in the twelveth night as Papillon V, a lone legendary Papillon senshi. On the forteenth night, it was implied that Hikaru Shishio awakened her powers. In the final nights, she was revealed to be Regina Apis herself in a disguise, getting the powers to become a Papillon senshi by stealing Papillon Dhalia's flower gem.

R season Edit

Due to Papillon Dhalia recovering her flower gem and her defeat on the previous season, Papillon Violet did not appear during the R season.

G movie Edit

Papillon Violet did not appear during the G movie.

OVA Edit

Papillon Violet did not appear in the OVA. She was only featured in the opening and ending sequences, as well as some promotional material.

New season Edit

Papillon Violet did not appear during the New Season TV series. Her existence in the previous series is only implied by a purple butterfly on the walls of the "New papillon" maid cafe.

Rebuild series Edit

Papillon Violet is described as a cocky irregular Papillon Soldier without any flower orb, being self-titled as the legendary Papillon V. In this version, she is also the owner of the "Papillon" pub, having a very shady and mysterious past that nobody knows about.

Powers Edit

Transformations Edit

  • Violet Orgasm Power, Make Up

Attacks Edit

  • Violetta Purple Haze
  • SexualHarassment Violet no.1 (Rebuild series)

Trivia Edit

  • Papillon Violet is a parody to numerous magical girl protagonists, holding the traits of the "Big sis". An example of this would be Rei Hino and Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon, to which the concept is possibly closest to.
  •  She can also be seen as a parody to "lame attacks", as in all occassions, "Violetta Purple Haze" is described to produce thick fog, without any other effects whatsoever.
  •  Her attack in the rebuild series is possibly a reference to the song "Japanese ninja no.1", a popular song by Deadball-P featuring Megurine Luka.
  •  Her identity as Papillon V is a nod to the lone senshi in magical girl series most notably that of Sailor Venus' Sailor V identity from Sailor Moon and the Sailor V manga who her appearance is somewhat modeled off of, the biggest being her eye mask.