Pinky Vibrator was the weapon Papillon Rose used to fight during the original concepts and OVA.


The weapon was a white and red vibrator with white control buttons and a rose-shaped crystal on its top. Its tip was white. It also had a leaf-shaped shield attached to its left side. 

Use in combatEdit

To summon the vibrator, Papillon Rose would touch her crotch to activate her flower gem, the spring bouquet and intense pink light would emerge from her shrine. The vibrator would then come out of her shrine covered in red light.

In order to use Rose Pinkish Viagra, Papillon Rose would kiss the vibrator's tip.


  • Rose Pinkish Viagra


  • According to the OVA's plot, the vibrator is a small sized dildo that would change size according to the excitement it is exposed to, in a similar fashion to a penis's arousal.
  • The Vibrator seems to parody the Moon Stick, which was Usagi's item in Sailor Moon.