Ranma is the cat that helps Tsubomi and the other Papillon Soliders fight the enemies.

Rama settei

Original Illustration in the ONA

Manga Concept Edit

Ranma first appeared in chapter 1 as a sillouette. In chapter 2 she finds Tsubomi and tells her she is Papillon Rose.

ONA Concept Edit

Ranma first appeared in Night 1 finding Tsubomi and telling her she is Papillon Rose and to defeat Sister Biene, who is attacking the Koneko Clubhouse and aiding her in later nights. She dies in the final battle against Regina Apis.

R concept Edit

She does not appear in the R concept.

G concept Edit

Ranma does not appear in the G concept.



Rama OVA

Ranma is a siamese cat who roams the streets, who smells something sweet and it leads her to Tsubomi, who at first thinks that she is a evil animal. Ranma then tells her she is not an evil animal that she is Papillon Rose and she tells her to shout Rose Orgasm Power to transform, which Tsubomi does not take seriously. At the end of the episode, she and Hikaru are together.

New Season Edit

Ranma is living on the streets having a hard time until Hikaru's twin brother Hibiki finds her and tells her to reawaken Tsubomi and the others. The next day, she finds Tsubomi and meows to her, 


New Season

which Tsubomi does not understand. Later, Explosions start happening and Tsubomi gets her memories back, which Ranma then tells her to transform. Tsubomi agrees and transforms, trying to summon the Pinky Vibrator but Ranma stops her and tells her to find a object and make a wish on it. Tsubomi does that and the sword comes, and then she attacks the animal, which Ranma congratulates on.

Trivia Edit

  • Ranma is a parody of the animals that help the protagonist, specifically Luna Tsukino of Sailor Moon, to which the concept is closest to.
  • She is a perverted cat. but that personality is changed in the new season
  • in the new season she has a yellow ribbon on her tail instead of a condom

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