Regina Apis or Eddie of Choipai, also known as Regina Avis or simply Regina, is the series' main antagonist during the "first" season.

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Manga Concept[edit | edit source]

Regina is a very skilled sex technician who has the holy flower orb in her possession. However she cannot activate it, so she lures the Papillon Soldiers in her lair in the final chapter.

ONA Concept[edit | edit source]

Disguised as Papillon Violet, Regina Apis sneaks into the Papillon team to keep a close eye on them with their mission. While in the G point, she kills off Papillon Lily and reveals her true form to Papillon Rose, shortly before the Holy Flower orb is activated by Hikaru. After her confrontation with Queen Flora and the destruction of the holy flower orb, she is successfully killed by Papillon Rose's sex techniques.

OVA[edit | edit source]

Regina Apis sends Sister Biene to gather sexual energy from Kabuki Butterfly. After her defeat, she commands Sister Pchela to lead an upcoming attack.

New season[edit | edit source]

Regina Apis appears only in the flashbacks of Papillon Dhalia's awakening and Dandy Lion's death.

Rebuild series[edit | edit source]

Regina Apis is renamed Eddie of Choipai for the rebuild series with her motivations and backstory changed. Eddie of Choipai leads the Dinasty aiming to the castration of all men, all because of her many years of mistreat and abuse.

Powers[edit | edit source]

She is described as a skillful sex technician knowing every single sexual technique, but without any abilities to achieve orgasm

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • Regina Apis is a parody of the villain in the magical girl series, especially Sailor Moon as Queen Beryl
  • An attack "The World's Sexual energy" is listed in the Papillon Rose archive, with no further information on it.
  • in the new season she appears in the memories of Tsubomi. Yuki Masuda, her voice actress in the OVA reprises her role.
  • Her name translates into "Queen Bee". This is fitting to the heavenly queens, which are named after bees in multiple languages.
  • Her name in the Papillon Rose archive is spelled Regina "Avis" when translated in romaji. While probably a typo, it is interesting to note that "Avis" is a word for "bird" in latin, the language where "apis" means bee. With the overall sex-related plot of the series, it may be related to the phrase "...the birds and the bees and flowers...", considering all the heavenly queens are named after bees and the Papillon soldiers after flowers.
  • In the manga version, she is simply referred to as Regina.
  • In the rebuild version, she is renamed "Eddie of Choipai" and her motivations and goals are different. "Choipai" when re-written to kanji can be read as "Magnificent breasts" or "Butterfly breasts".
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