Beene settei
Sister Biene is the first Dinasty minion to attack Kabuki Butterfly and the Papillon Senshi.

Personality Edit

In the original concept, she is described as an arrogant woman who dislikes men and ugly people; a closet lesbian with high pride and a violent temper.

Biography Edit

Manga concept Edit

Sister Biene attacks the Kabuki Butterfly district in the second chapter. On the subsequent chapters, she is joined by Sister Pchela and Sister Melitta. She was defeated together with them after Papillon Violet's appearance.

ONA concept Edit

For the first four nights, Sister Biene attacks the Kabuki Butterfly but is ultimately defeated by Papillon Rose and Papillon Margarette. She is erased by Sister Pchela, who resumes the attacks.


Sister Biene plays a major role in the OVA, as she attacks the Kabuki Butterfly district, targetting the Papillon pub manager. After almost defeating Papilon Rose, she is sexually assaulted by Dandy Lion, giving Papillon Rose enough time to finish her off with Rose Pinkish Viagra. 

R season Edit

Sister Biene did not appear in the R season.

G movie Edit

Sister Biene did not appear in the G movie

New season Edit

Sister Biene appeared briefly in the first episode on a group image of Regina Apis together with her minions.

Powers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to her profile in the Papillon Rose Archive, she has requested the inclusion of an amazon's legion.
  • An attack "Bee-nest vibe smash" is listed in the Papillon Rose archive, with no further information on it.
  • She seems to parody Sister Jill of Cutey Honey, since they both are lesbians.
  • Her official English fandub name is "Sister Bien"