Putti settei
Sister Pchela is the second minion to attack the Kabuki Butterfly district

Personality Edit

In the original concept, she is described as the oldest of the Dinasty minions, keeping a youthful appearance thanks to an elixir aimed to the lolicon industries by Regina Apis. She is also said to have an IQ of 300 and her mission is to dominate the image clubs. She is also assumed to have a dual personality.

Biography Edit

Manga concept Edit

Sister Pchela appeared in front of the Papillon senshi in aid to Sister Biene. She was ultimately defeated after the appearance of Papillon Violet.

ONA concept Edit

Sister Pchela erased Sister Biene due to her failed attacks and took action against the Papillon senshi. She captured Papillon Margarette after creating a fake Papillon Rose to run amock. After losing against the newly awakened Papillon Lily, she decides to desert Regina Apis and Dinasty.

OVA Edit

Sister Pchela appeared on a speaking role, arguing in front of Regina Apis with Sister Biene. After Biene was defeated, she takes the opportunity to lead an upcoming attack to the district.

R season Edit

Sister Pchela did not appear in the R season.

G movie Edit

Sister Pchela did not appear in the G movie.

New Season Edit

Sister Biene appeared briefly in the first episode on a group image of Regina Apis together with her minions.

Powers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • An attack "Irish Petit Jean Pierre" is listed in the Papillon Rose archive, with no further information on it.
  • The way her name was written caused confusion among the overseas fandom, and for some time she was called by the name "Petit-La". By the time the concept of the bees was grasped by the fandom, the romanisation was changed to "Pchela", which is the Russian word for bee.
  • Her official english fandub name is "Sister Petit-la"