Spirit's Insert is a new power used in the New Season TV series. Its purpose was to change inanimate objects into weapons. It was used by Papillon Rose, Papillon Margarette and Papillon Lily.


By Papillon RoseEdit

  • Toy sword > Sword
  • Umbrella > Spiked Lance
  • White Cloth > Shuriken
  • Spoon > Shovel
  • Small flag > Big Flag

By Papillon MargaretteEdit

  • Hose > Rope
  • Rings > Muzzles

By Papillon LilyEdit

  • Toy Hammer > 1000t Hammer
  • Yoyo > 1000t yoyo


  • The sword used by Papillon Rose in the first episode of the New Season TV series became a signature addition to the character, leading even to a R+18 figurine with the sword by Good Smile Company.